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Illustrations within 01_Mammals 1

Tachyglossus AculeatusTachyglossus Aculeatus

add Tachyglossus Aculeatus to infobox

Zaglossus BruijniZaglossus Bruijni

add Zaglossus Bruijni to infobox

Philander OpossumPhilander Opossum

add Philander Opossum to infobox

Metachirus NudicaudatusMetachirus Nudicaudatus

add Metachirus Nudicaudatus to infobox

Monodelphis DimidiataMonodelphis Dimidiata

add Monodelphis Dimidiata to infobox

Myrmecobius FasciatusMyrmecobius Fasciatus

add Myrmecobius Fasciatus to infobox

Notoryctes TyphlopsNotoryctes Typhlops

add Notoryctes Typhlops to infobox

Dasyurus HallucatusDasyurus Hallucatus

add Dasyurus Hallucatus to infobox

Echymipera KalubuEchymipera Kalubu

add Echymipera Kalubu to infobox

Peroryctes RaffrayanaPeroryctes Raffrayana

add Peroryctes Raffrayana to infobox

Petropseudes DahliPetropseudes Dahli

add Petropseudes Dahli to infobox

Petaurus BrevicepsPetaurus Breviceps

add Petaurus Breviceps to infobox

Dactylopsila TrivirgataDactylopsila Trivirgata

add Dactylopsila Trivirgata to infobox

Phascolarctos CinereusPhascolarctos Cinereus

add Phascolarctos Cinereus to infobox

Bradypus TridactylusBradypus Tridactylus

add Bradypus Tridactylus to infobox

Myrmecophaga TridactylaMyrmecophaga Tridactyla

add Myrmecophaga Tridactyla to infobox

Chaetophractus VillosusChaetophractus Villosus

add Chaetophractus Villosus to infobox

Tolypeutes MatacusTolypeutes Matacus

add Tolypeutes Matacus to infobox

Solenodon CubanusSolenodon Cubanus

add Solenodon Cubanus to infobox

Amblysomus HottentotusAmblysomus Hottentotus

add Amblysomus Hottentotus to infobox

Erinaceus EuropaeusErinaceus Europaeus

add Erinaceus Europaeus to infobox

Nectogale ElegansNectogale Elegans

add Nectogale Elegans to infobox

Crocidura LeucodonCrocidura Leucodon

add Crocidura Leucodon to infobox

Suncus MurinusSuncus Murinus

add Suncus Murinus to infobox

Condylura CristataCondylura Cristata

add Condylura Cristata to infobox

Talpa EuropaeaTalpa Europaea

add Talpa Europaea to infobox

Macroglossus MinimusMacroglossus Minimus

add Macroglossus Minimus to infobox

Nyctimene RobinsoniNyctimene Robinsoni

add Nyctimene Robinsoni to infobox

Rousettus AegyptiacusRousettus Aegyptiacus

add Rousettus Aegyptiacus to infobox

Lavia FronsLavia Frons

add Lavia Frons to infobox

Noctilio LeporinusNoctilio Leporinus

add Noctilio Leporinus to infobox

Desmodus RotundusDesmodus Rotundus

add Desmodus Rotundus to infobox

Ectophylla AlbaEctophylla Alba

add Ectophylla Alba to infobox

Eptesicus SerotinusEptesicus Serotinus

add Eptesicus Serotinus to infobox

Nyctinomops FemorosaccusNyctinomops Femorosaccus

add Nyctinomops Femorosaccus to infobox

Microcebus RufusMicrocebus Rufus

add Microcebus Rufus to infobox

Lemur CattaLemur Catta

add Lemur Catta to infobox

Lepilemur MustelinusLepilemur Mustelinus

add Lepilemur Mustelinus to infobox

Varecia VariegataVarecia Variegata

add Varecia Variegata to infobox

Varecia Variegata IIVarecia Variegata II

add Varecia Variegata II to infobox

Avahi LanigerAvahi Laniger

add Avahi Laniger to infobox

Indri IndriIndri Indri

add Indri Indri to infobox

Propithecus VerreauxiPropithecus Verreauxi

add Propithecus Verreauxi to infobox

Euoticus ElegantulusEuoticus Elegantulus

add Euoticus Elegantulus to infobox

Galago SenegalensisGalago Senegalensis

add Galago Senegalensis to infobox

Loris TardigradusLoris Tardigradus

add Loris Tardigradus to infobox

Nycticebus CoucangNycticebus Coucang

add Nycticebus Coucang to infobox

Perodicticus PottoPerodicticus Potto

add Perodicticus Potto to infobox

Tarsius BancanusTarsius Bancanus

add Tarsius Bancanus to infobox

Callithrix JacchusCallithrix Jacchus

add Callithrix Jacchus to infobox

Callithrix PygmaeaCallithrix Pygmaea

add Callithrix Pygmaea to infobox

Saguinus MidasSaguinus Midas

add Saguinus Midas to infobox

Aotus TrivirgatusAotus Trivirgatus

add Aotus Trivirgatus to infobox

Callicebus PersonatusCallicebus Personatus

add Callicebus Personatus to infobox

Cacajao MelanocephalusCacajao Melanocephalus

add Cacajao Melanocephalus to infobox

Cacajao RubicundusCacajao Rubicundus

add Cacajao Rubicundus to infobox

Pithecia MonachusPithecia Monachus

add Pithecia Monachus to infobox

Pithecia PitheciaPithecia Pithecia

add Pithecia Pithecia to infobox

Alouatta CarayaAlouatta Caraya

add Alouatta Caraya to infobox

Alouatta PalliataAlouatta Palliata

add Alouatta Palliata to infobox

Alouatta SeniculusAlouatta Seniculus

add Alouatta Seniculus to infobox

Cebus ApellaCebus Apella

add Cebus Apella to infobox

Saimiri SciureusSaimiri Sciureus

add Saimiri Sciureus to infobox

Ateles GeoffroyiAteles Geoffroyi

add Ateles Geoffroyi to infobox

Brachyteles ArachnoidesBrachyteles Arachnoides

add Brachyteles Arachnoides to infobox

Presbytis EntellusPresbytis Entellus

add Presbytis Entellus to infobox

Nasalis LarvatusNasalis Larvatus

add Nasalis Larvatus to infobox

Pygathrix AvunculusPygathrix Avunculus

add Pygathrix Avunculus to infobox

Pygathrix NemaeusPygathrix Nemaeus

add Pygathrix Nemaeus to infobox

Pygathrix RoxellanaPygathrix Roxellana

add Pygathrix Roxellana to infobox

Colobus GuerezaColobus Guereza

add Colobus Guereza to infobox

Colobus PolykomosColobus Polykomos

add Colobus Polykomos to infobox

Procolobus BadiusProcolobus Badius

add Procolobus Badius to infobox

Macaca ArctoidesMacaca Arctoides

add Macaca Arctoides to infobox

Macaca FuscataMacaca Fuscata

add Macaca Fuscata to infobox

Macaca MulattaMacaca Mulatta

add Macaca Mulatta to infobox

Macaca SilenusMacaca Silenus

add Macaca Silenus to infobox

Macaca SylvanusMacaca Sylvanus

add Macaca Sylvanus to infobox

Papio AnubisPapio Anubis

add Papio Anubis to infobox

Papio CynocephalusPapio Cynocephalus

add Papio Cynocephalus to infobox

Papio HamadryasPapio Hamadryas

add Papio Hamadryas to infobox

Theropithecus GeladaTheropithecus Gelada

add Theropithecus Gelada to infobox

Cercocebus AlbigenaCercocebus Albigena

add Cercocebus Albigena to infobox

Cercocebus GaleritusCercocebus Galeritus

add Cercocebus Galeritus to infobox

Cercocebus TorquatusCercocebus Torquatus

add Cercocebus Torquatus to infobox

Mandrillus LeucophaeusMandrillus Leucophaeus

add Mandrillus Leucophaeus to infobox

Mandrillus SphinxMandrillus Sphinx

add Mandrillus Sphinx to infobox

Cercopithecus AethiopsCercopithecus Aethiops

add Cercopithecus Aethiops to infobox

Cercopithecus MitisCercopithecus Mitis

add Cercopithecus Mitis to infobox

Cercopithecus MonaCercopithecus Mona

add Cercopithecus Mona to infobox

Cercopithecus NeglectusCercopithecus Neglectus

add Cercopithecus Neglectus to infobox

Cercopithecus ErythrotisCercopithecus Erythrotis

add Cercopithecus Erythrotis to infobox

Cercopithecus NictitansCercopithecus Nictitans

add Cercopithecus Nictitans to infobox

Cercopithecus PogoniasCercopithecus Pogonias

add Cercopithecus Pogonias to infobox

Miopithecus TalapoinMiopithecus Talapoin

add Miopithecus Talapoin to infobox

Hylobates ConcolorHylobates Concolor

add Hylobates Concolor to infobox

Hylobates LarHylobates Lar

add Hylobates Lar to infobox

Hylobates SyndactylusHylobates Syndactylus

add Hylobates Syndactylus to infobox

Gorilla Gorilla BeringeiGorilla Gorilla Beringei

add Gorilla Gorilla Beringei to infobox

Pan TroglodytesPan Troglodytes

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