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Illustrations within 08_Fish 1

Latimeria ChalumnaeLatimeria Chalumnae

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Acipenser TransmontanusAcipenser Transmontanus

add Acipenser Transmontanus to infobox

Huso HusoHuso Huso

add Huso Huso to infobox

Psephurus GladiusPsephurus Gladius

add Psephurus Gladius to infobox

Chitala ChitalaChitala Chitala

add Chitala Chitala to infobox

Amia CalvaAmia Calva

add Amia Calva to infobox

Campylomormyrus ElephasCampylomormyrus Elephas

add Campylomormyrus Elephas to infobox

Megalops AtlanticusMegalops Atlanticus

add Megalops Atlanticus to infobox

Muraena HelenaMuraena Helena

add Muraena Helena to infobox

Conger CongerConger Conger

add Conger Conger to infobox

Saccopharynx AmpulaceusSaccopharynx Ampulaceus

add Saccopharynx Ampulaceus to infobox

Serrivomer BeaniSerrivomer Beani

add Serrivomer Beani to infobox

Chanos ChanosChanos Chanos

add Chanos Chanos to infobox

Alosa SapidissimaAlosa Sapidissima

add Alosa Sapidissima to infobox

Sardina PilchardusSardina Pilchardus

add Sardina Pilchardus to infobox

Sprattus SprattusSprattus Sprattus

add Sprattus Sprattus to infobox

Cyprinus CarpioCyprinus Carpio

add Cyprinus Carpio to infobox

Tinca TincaTinca Tinca

add Tinca Tinca to infobox

Balantiocheilus MelanopterusBalantiocheilus Melanopterus

add Balantiocheilus Melanopterus to infobox

Rasbora HeteromorphaRasbora Heteromorpha

add Rasbora Heteromorpha to infobox

Myxocyprinus AsiaticusMyxocyprinus Asiaticus

add Myxocyprinus Asiaticus to infobox

Catostomus CommersoniCatostomus Commersoni

add Catostomus Commersoni to infobox

Misgurnus FossilisMisgurnus Fossilis

add Misgurnus Fossilis to infobox


add Gastromyzon to infobox

Distichodus SexfasciatusDistichodus Sexfasciatus

add Distichodus Sexfasciatus to infobox

Serassalmus RhombeusSerassalmus Rhombeus

add Serassalmus Rhombeus to infobox

Nematobrycon PalmeriNematobrycon Palmeri

add Nematobrycon Palmeri to infobox

Paracheirodon AxelrodiParacheirodon Axelrodi

add Paracheirodon Axelrodi to infobox

Ictalurus PunctatusIctalurus Punctatus

add Ictalurus Punctatus to infobox

Bagrus UbangensisBagrus Ubangensis

add Bagrus Ubangensis to infobox

Silurus GlanisSilurus Glanis

add Silurus Glanis to infobox

Kryptopterus BicirrhisKryptopterus Bicirrhis

add Kryptopterus Bicirrhis to infobox

Plotosus AnguillarisPlotosus Anguillaris

add Plotosus Anguillaris to infobox

Heteropneustes FossilisHeteropneustes Fossilis

add Heteropneustes Fossilis to infobox

Malapterurus ElectricusMalapterurus Electricus

add Malapterurus Electricus to infobox

Corydoras AeneusCorydoras Aeneus

add Corydoras Aeneus to infobox

Synodontis AngelicusSynodontis Angelicus

add Synodontis Angelicus to infobox

Pimelodus PictusPimelodus Pictus

add Pimelodus Pictus to infobox

Bunocephalus CoracoideusBunocephalus Coracoideus

add Bunocephalus Coracoideus to infobox

Agamyxis AlbomaculatusAgamyxis Albomaculatus

add Agamyxis Albomaculatus to infobox

Platydoras CostatusPlatydoras Costatus

add Platydoras Costatus to infobox

Sorubim LimaSorubim Lima

add Sorubim Lima to infobox

Leporacanthicus GalaxiasLeporacanthicus Galaxias

add Leporacanthicus Galaxias to infobox

Panaque NigrolineatusPanaque Nigrolineatus

add Panaque Nigrolineatus to infobox

Electrophorus ElectricusElectrophorus Electricus

add Electrophorus Electricus to infobox

Eigenmannia VirescensEigenmannia Virescens

add Eigenmannia Virescens to infobox

Esox LuciusEsox Lucius

add Esox Lucius to infobox

Esox MasquinongyEsox Masquinongy

add Esox Masquinongy to infobox

Salmo SalarSalmo Salar

add Salmo Salar to infobox

Salmo TruttaSalmo Trutta

add Salmo Trutta to infobox

Oncorhynchus ClarkiiOncorhynchus Clarkii

add Oncorhynchus Clarkii to infobox

Mallotus VillosusMallotus Villosus

add Mallotus Villosus to infobox

Oncorhynchus TshawytschaOncorhynchus Tshawytscha

add Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha to infobox

Oncorhynchus MykissOncorhynchus Mykiss

add Oncorhynchus Mykiss to infobox

Hucho HuchoHucho Hucho

add Hucho Hucho to infobox

Thymallus ThymallusThymallus Thymallus

add Thymallus Thymallus to infobox

Thymallus ArcticusThymallus Arcticus

add Thymallus Arcticus to infobox

Coregonus ArtediiCoregonus Artedii

add Coregonus Artedii to infobox

Chauliodus MacouniChauliodus Macouni

add Chauliodus Macouni to infobox

Argyropelecus OlfersiArgyropelecus Olfersi

add Argyropelecus Olfersi to infobox

Stomias BoaStomias Boa

add Stomias Boa to infobox

Saurida UndosquamisSaurida Undosquamis

add Saurida Undosquamis to infobox

Trachinocephalus MyopsTrachinocephalus Myops

add Trachinocephalus Myops to infobox

Benthabella DentataBenthabella Dentata

add Benthabella Dentata to infobox

Lophotus CapelleiLophotus Capellei

add Lophotus Capellei to infobox

Trachipterus IrisTrachipterus Iris

add Trachipterus Iris to infobox

Regalecus GlesneRegalecus Glesne

add Regalecus Glesne to infobox

Carapus AcusCarapus Acus

add Carapus Acus to infobox

Polymixia NobilisPolymixia Nobilis

add Polymixia Nobilis to infobox

Macrourus BerglaxMacrourus Berglax

add Macrourus Berglax to infobox

Antimora RostrataAntimora Rostrata

add Antimora Rostrata to infobox

Coelorhynchus FasciatusCoelorhynchus Fasciatus

add Coelorhynchus Fasciatus to infobox

Brotula MultibarbataBrotula Multibarbata

add Brotula Multibarbata to infobox

Merluccius MerlucciusMerluccius Merluccius

add Merluccius Merluccius to infobox

Brosme BrosmeBrosme Brosme

add Brosme Brosme to infobox

Urophycis ChussUrophycis Chuss

add Urophycis Chuss to infobox

Lota LotaLota Lota

add Lota Lota to infobox

Melanogrammus AeglefinusMelanogrammus Aeglefinus

add Melanogrammus Aeglefinus to infobox

Trisopterus LuscusTrisopterus Luscus

add Trisopterus Luscus to infobox

Raniceps RaninusRaniceps Raninus

add Raniceps Raninus to infobox

Laemonema LongipesLaemonema Longipes

add Laemonema Longipes to infobox

Porichthys NotatusPorichthys Notatus

add Porichthys Notatus to infobox

Lophius PiscatoriusLophius Piscatorius

add Lophius Piscatorius to infobox

Lophius AmericanusLophius Americanus

add Lophius Americanus to infobox

Halieutaea StellataHalieutaea Stellata

add Halieutaea Stellata to infobox

Linophryne ArboriferaLinophryne Arborifera

add Linophryne Arborifera to infobox

Labidestes SicculusLabidestes Sicculus

add Labidestes Sicculus to infobox

Melanotaenia GoldieiMelanotaenia Goldiei

add Melanotaenia Goldiei to infobox

Iriatherina WerneriIriatherina Werneri

add Iriatherina Werneri to infobox

Fodiator AcutusFodiator Acutus

add Fodiator Acutus to infobox

Ablennes HiansAblennes Hians

add Ablennes Hians to infobox

Cololabis SairaCololabis Saira

add Cololabis Saira to infobox

Nothobranchius PatriziiNothobranchius Patrizii

add Nothobranchius Patrizii to infobox

Aphyosemion GardneriAphyosemion Gardneri

add Aphyosemion Gardneri to infobox

Aphyosemion OccidentaleAphyosemion Occidentale

add Aphyosemion Occidentale to infobox

Jordanella FloridaeJordanella Floridae

add Jordanella Floridae to infobox

Terranatos DolichopterusTerranatos Dolichopterus

add Terranatos Dolichopterus to infobox

Anableps AnablepsAnableps Anableps

add Anableps Anableps to infobox

Poecilia ReticulataPoecilia Reticulata

add Poecilia Reticulata to infobox

Gambusia AffinisGambusia Affinis

add Gambusia Affinis to infobox


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